Find the good size


width (inch): between the 2 nostrils wings

depth (inch): from nostril wing to tip of the nose

height (inch): from base to bridge of nose

other measures are indicated when the nose has a greater amplitude.


Latex or rubber is a flexible , light and very comfortable material (see "maintain" below)

All the models presented here  are creations and available in the shop :

NOZ nez de clown


Cleaning the clown nose



Clown noses are made from mass-dyed latex.

Latex is a flexible and comfortable natural material sensitive to light

Under the effect of light , colors become denser over time, however red is the most stable color.

It is therefore advisable to keep the clown noses protected from light in their small box when they are at rest .

The satin red noses are covered with a layer of paint and do not change colors.



Latex noses can be cleaned with warm water.

Please not use hydroalcoholic gel or alcoholic solvent



 It's possible to order a clown nose without an elastic thread for some specific models 

the nose is maintained thanks to a new attachment system 


open ring clipping between the 2 nostrils 

(+ 6 euros)

how to wear SEPTUM nose

press the latex nose between your 2 inches in order to bring out the SEPTUM (see photo)

and pinch it between its 2 nostrils (without trying to spread it with my fingers).


colors and patines

Latex is tainted in the mass.

Matt noses can be of different basic colors: red, blue, black...

However latex is sensitive to light and colors tend to densify.

Only the red is quite stable.


Satin noses are painted with suitable paint so their color do not change.


colors available :

   satin : red , black, gold 

   matt : red,  blue cyan ,dark blue, anthracite grey,  black,  brown, 

flesh ou others colors on demand 

 pattern:  I make sometimes noses with pattern according to inspiration, you will find them here " limited edition"

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